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One Photo Gallery: United States Capitol, Washington D.C.

One Photo Gallery: US Capitol, Washington D.C. Awomanafoot.com

One Photo Gallery: Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw, Poland

One Photo Gallery: Jewish cemetery in Warsaw, Poland. awomanafoot.com

Norsk Folkemuseum: a Must-See When Visiting Oslo. And I Have Photos to Prove it!

Visit to the Norsk Folkemuseum

Norsk Folkemuseum - a picturesque open-air museum you must see when visiting Oslo! awomanafoot.com

The Norsk Folkemuseum is an open air museum of rural and urban Norway from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. It shows how people lived in Norway for the past five hundred years in various parts of the country. The buildings you can see there all represent various regions and different time periods.

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One Photo Gallery: Acco, Israel

One Photo Gallery: Acco, Israel. awomanafoot.com

Finding the Perfect Trail for Hiking near Barcelona

Being Smart and Sensible 

I’ve already written it: the most important thing when hiking solo is to be smart and flexible. Going stubbornly into something we suspect is risky or straight out dangerous is not being brave, it’s being stupid.

Sometimes our plans just don’t work out. For whatever reason. It could be that we have miscalculated something or it might be the nature playing tricks on us. Whatever the reason – there is no shame or guilt in changing plans; it’s a sign of sensibility and maturity. I’ve changed my plans more than once and it’s just something you do at times.

Hiking near Barcelona: mesmerizing views and rich cultural heritage. awomanafoot.comPhoto credit.

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Kampinos National Park: a Natural Treasure on the Outskirts of Warsaw

What is Kampinos?

Kampinos National Park is a stunning natural reserve on the north-western outskirts of Warsaw. Taking public transportation you can easily and fast transport yourself from the busy and noisy (and sometimes heavily polluted) city to a gorgeous swamp and sand covered park.

Kampinos National Park - a true natural gem right outside of Warsaw, Poland. awomanafoot.com

Although the park was created in 1959, the idea was born much earlier on – already in the 1920s. The ancient Puszcza Kampinoska (Kampinos Forest) is on the UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves.

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The Mighty Oatmeal: Breakfast of (Hiking) Champions!

We all know it: breakfast is crucial. All the more so if you plan on hiking for many hours, probably carrying some extra weight on your back. Your body needs fuel and it can’t be just any kind of fuel. You need high-quality food that provides long-lasting energy, proteins and healthy fats. 

Breakfast of (Hiking) Champions: the best oatmeal to give you energy and strength to conquer the world! awomanafoot.comGotta have power to carry that huge backpack and hike all those things in the back!

My Spanish adventure is drawing closer – it’s just two weeks! As I’m preparing now for hiking parts of the GR 1 trail, and all my gear and clothes are basically ready, I’m thinking a lot about food. I need to be well prepared, especially that as a gluten-free hiker, my options are always limited and the trail I chose leads through some remote areas with no access to stores. All this means it’s time for me to prepare my most important food staple:

The Queen of them All: Oatmeal

It’s just the easiest, really. It’s full of healthy, complex carbs, protein and fats. Also, what is especially important for people with IG issues – it’s cooked so it’s easier to digest. In cool weather it’s also a nice idea to have something warm to start the day. I absolutely love oatmeal, but I make my own mixture. Just pouring hot water in to oats would not make it for me! I like my food healthy and hearty – but also tasty 🙂

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One Photo Gallery: Spring Magic

One Photo Gallery: Nature Photography by A Woman Afoot


I must be really missing the spring, as recently I look back to photos I’ve taken around greener season. Just a couple more months! 🙂 

Krakow’s Underground Museum: Unearthing a True Gem!

The Hidden Out of Sight (Literally!) Gem in Krakow

When people think about Krakow they might have some kind of ideas about the big ancient market place or the Mariacki Church, the Jewish quarter or the Old University – one of the oldest in Europe. But not many people know that a true treasure awaits them… under the ground.

In 2005 archaeological works started at the Main Square. They were supposed to take about six months but were extended to five years after the scale of found materials astounded many.

Krakow's Underground Museum: a true hidden gem that you must put on your Krakow's itinerary! awomanafoot.comThe view of the famous Mariacki Church from below the ground.

The archaeologists were able to track one thousand years of history of this place. The busiest place in the city – a market place – was always the heart of it. The result of this research can be now seen in the underground exhibition which is truly mind-blowing.

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How to Hike The Old Man of Storr and Enjoy Breath-Taking Views of Skye

The Old Man of Storr is one of the most famous and iconic rock pinnacles on the Isle of Skye. It quite deserves its fame – among other rock formations around the Storr – it creates a stunning image.

Hiking to the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye - an iconic spot for magnificent views. awomanafoot.com


Climbing to the Old Man of Storr light

When I visited the Isle of Skye, my plan was to head directly north to Rubha Hunish and do as much of the Skye Trail as possible. But I changed my plan after finding out that there were Highland Games to take place in Portree in just two days. I had one day to fill so I decided to go and hike the famous Old Man of Storr in the morning – free of the heavy backpack which I left at the campsite.

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