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  • Awesome Beyond Words: Female Solo Hiking Laugavegur Trail in Iceland

    Hiking solo the dramatic Laugavegur trail in Iceland- through black sands, colorful rocks, lava fields, ice bridges, and geysers. Hiking and camping in Iceland | female solo hiking | bucket list trail | geysers | glacier | mountains | Landmannalaugar | Thorsmork | Awomanafoot.com

    Although I dreamed about visiting Iceland for years, I had no idea I would be able to actually visit. Last year, when looking for a place to spend my summer, I researched briefly visiting Iceland but resign based on the costs. This year I had planned my ten-year reunion with beloved friends in Canada. Lo […]

  • Travel Destinations and Hiking Trails Descriptions
  • How to Hike the Fimmvörðuháls Trail in Iceland for a Truly Unforgettable Experience!

    I wasn’t supposed to go to Iceland. It was a lucky coincidence. It’s not that I didn’t want to – quite the opposite! I hoped and dreamed of seeing the Land of Fire and Ice but didn’t even think it would be possible. Iceland is famous for being expensive and when I was looking for […]