Hiking & Camping Online Resources

To make things easier for you, I want to share what resources I use often or where I found useful information. Why do all the googling if I already did it, right? I hope you find them useful.

Hiking trails and destinations:

Traildino – trails all over the world

Senderos de Gran Recorrido (GR) (SPAIN)

Walk Highlands (SCOTLAND)

American Trails (USA)

Hiking online resources by A Woman Afoot

Hiking & Camping Gear/Clothing reviews and info:

Outdoor Gear Lab

Backpacker – gear reviews

Hiking for Her – reviews

Gear Institute


Gear Junkie

Section Hiker – Gear Reviews

Outside Magazine – gear reviews

The National Geographic Adventure Gear

Hiking Resources by A Woman Afoot

Hiking tips, articles, and magazines


The Adventure Junkies Hiking Resources

The American Hiking Society

Guide to Basic Orienteering

Hiking online resources by A Woman Afoot

Awesome blogs by hiking people

Blogging resources

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