Hike Proud. Be Proud. You ARE Enough.

“Do it or die trying!” “Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going!” “Crawling is acceptable, falling is acceptable, puking is acceptable, crying is acceptable, blood is acceptable, pain is acceptable; quitting is not”. That kind of “fitspiration” messages circulate all over the web. In the visual version, they are generally accompanied by images of […]

Introverted Women of the World: Go hiking! Individually :)

Welcome to A Woman Afoot! I’m Ioanna – a 40-year-old educator with rediscovered love and passion for wild trails. I try to fill my life with breath-taking views, nights spent in a tent, the happy fatigue from miles afoot, photography and mindfulness. I chronicle my journey – both in terms of trails walked, as well […]