Hike Proud. Be Proud. You ARE Enough.

“Do it or die trying!” “Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going!” “Crawling is acceptable, falling is acceptable, puking is acceptable, crying is acceptable, blood is acceptable, pain is acceptable; quitting is not”. That kind of “fitspiration” messages circulate all over the web. In the visual version, they are generally accompanied by images of […]

Hiking Benefits – Scientific Reasons to Hit the Trails Today!

Check out the awesome hiking benefits backed by science! Hit the trails today and heal your body and soul! | Hiking and Camping | Mental Health | Anxiety | Fitness | Wellness |

Hiking through beautiful landscapes is a reward in itself. But as if this was not enough there is a whole range of hiking benefits to serve our body, mind, and social relations.   No matter the length or difficulty – all hikes bring benefits to the physical and mental health. Do what works for you […]

Hiking Solo As Therapy. Hit the Trails, Introverts!

Living in the extroverted world It’s an extrovert world, no way to hide it. People surround us from everywhere. Employers require “people skills” and “team playing” as absolutely necessary and many office spaces look more like huge human beehives than cozy, quiet thinking spaces. Many introverts have to compromise – they deal with people whole […]

Female solo hiking along the West Highland Way [P3]

Part 3: Inveroran to Fort William 3 days,  52 km You might want to read my introduction to hiking solo the West Highland Way, the description of the West Highland Way trail’s first stage from Drymen to Inverarnan, and second stage to Inveroran . West Highland Way: The Best Of! At this point started my favorite […]

Introverted Women of the World: Go hiking! Individually :)

Welcome to A Woman Afoot! I’m Ioanna – a 40-year-old educator with rediscovered love and passion for wild trails. I try to fill my life with breath-taking views, nights spent in a tent, the happy fatigue from miles afoot, photography and mindfulness. I chronicle my journey – both in terms of trails walked, as well […]