Montreal Street Art: wander through unforgettable open-air art gallery

During my week-long stay in Montreal this summer, I was lucky to stay in Plateau Mont Royal district. Each day I passed by art galleries. Walls, sidewalks or garbage containers were covered in colorful images. Montreal street art is everywhere and it’s beautiful. No random amateurish graffiti but stunning works of art. I hope my […]

Oh, Scotland, My Love! A Love Letter to the Scottish Highlands, Mostly in Photos

Oh, Scotland, My Love! A love letter to the Highlands, mostly in photos.

I can’t remember when exactly I fell in love with Scotland. I know that for about two decades it’s been always somewhere on my mind. I’ve read books by Stevenson and got interested in Scottish history. Nothing too deep, just a bit here, a bit there. Scotland seemed a somewhat magical place that I didn’t even […]

Norsk Folkemuseum: a Must-See When Visiting Oslo.

Visit the Norsk Folkemuseum The Norsk Folkemuseum is an open air museum of rural and urban Norway from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. It shows how people lived in Norway for the past five hundred years in various parts of the country. The buildings you can see there all represent various regions and […]

Solo on Skye: How to Hike The Old Man of Storr and Enjoy Breath-Taking Views of Skye

The Old Man of Storr is the most iconic rock formation around the rocky hill of Storr. Well worth the steep climb for stunning views!

The Old Man of Storr is one of the most famous and iconic rock pinnacles on the Isle of Skye. It quite deserves its fame – among other rock formations around the Storr – it creates a stunning image. Climbing to the Old Man of Storr light When I visited the Isle of Skye, my plan […]

Solo on Skye: Surviving the Trotternish Ridge on Isle of Skye

It started all nice… the way all disaster stories do. When I left the lovely Flodigarry hostel’s campsite in the morning on a gloomy August day I had no way of predicting that the next 48h would be the toughest of my whole stay in Scotland. My plan was to hike as much as possible […]

The New Jewish Cemetery in Prague: Not Just Kafka’s Grave

Beyond the Old Jewish Town When talking about the Jewish presence in Prague and Jewish cemetery, most tour guides and websites direct you to the Old Jewish Cemetery. Quite rightly so – it is one of the oldest surviving Jewish necropolises in the world! It was established in the 15th century and together with the […]

Why Taking a Ferry Ride in Norway Is a MUST!

Visiting Norway When I visited Norway a couple years ago I first spent two days in Oslo. Then moved on to the western side to reach my friend. I took a train ride to Bergen – about which I will make a separate post because it is the most stunning train ride possible! From Bergen, […]

Gear Talk: Sony rx100M3 – best camera for hikers

High-quality compact camera – is that really hiking gear? I admit that when people say „hiking gear” a photo camera might not be the first thing you think about. But how many people hike today without taking at least a few photos? Many of us take a lot of joy and pleasure from travel photography […]

Hiking Solo As Therapy. Hit the Trails, Introverts!

Living in the extroverted world It’s an extrovert world, no way to hide it. People surround us from everywhere. Employers require “people skills” and “team playing” as absolutely necessary and many office spaces look more like huge human beehives than cozy, quiet thinking spaces. Many introverts have to compromise – they deal with people whole […]

A Sweet Little List of Cool Hiking & Camping Gadgets – Awesome Gift Ideas!

We don’t need some fancy gadgets to start hiking. A good backpack and boots should be enough…  But this post is not about “must haves” and “hiking bare minimums” but rather the nice things that sweeten the rough trails and make our hikes easier, lighter or possibly even safer. So here is my subjective list […]