The Ultimate Packing List for Female Solo Hikers

Picking the right gear and clothing is always important. But when you have to carry everything in your backpack with no way to fix wrong choices, the choosing process is so much more serious and anxiety-causing. Packing list for hiking in Spain in February In a few weeks, I’m going for two weeks hiking in […]

Hiking Solo The Great Glen Way: Fort William to Fort Augustus

Changing plans When my Cape Wrath Trail plans didn’t work out I had to make a decision about where to go next. I wasn’t planning on doing the Great Glen Way at all – so I had no trail description or any notes. When I was preparing for my Scottish adventure I copied to my […]

10 Awesome Tips for Female Solo Hikers

The wonderful world of women hiking solo Hello, ladies! Do you dream about getting out of your dusty office and out to the wild? I am so with you! Hiking, especially when done alone, can be a life-changing experience. It brings you serenity and peace of mind. It can give you a great boost of […]

Here’s Why You Are a Crappy Hiker: 35 Things to Stop Doing to Decrapify Your Hiking & Camping Skills

So you tried this hiking thing once or twice and you reached the conclusion that you suck at it. And you are probably right. But don’t worry – there is a cure! Stop doing those 35 things and you might just become the Hiking Ninja! Stop doing those stupid mistakes before you even leave the […]

2 Weeks In Spain: GR1 Sendero HistĂłrico

Finding a place to safely hike in February is not an easy thing. Unless you live in New Zealand, that is. But I’m in Europe and my options are limited. The Big 40 Birthday Gift! Two things coincided: my school is going on winter break and my 40th birthday is on February the 9th. I […]

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Hike In 7 Steps

Planning my next hike My feet are itching, my heart longs for nature… Working full time means we don’t always have the luxury to go on vacation whenever we want, but rather have to find the destination within allotted free time. The second half of February is winter break at my school. Which means: I have […]