Hiking with Anxiety: the Kampinos National Park Edition

Hiking with anxiety - this time, in the #Kampinos National Park, #Warsaw, #Poland. Stunning fall foliage with the side of anxious thoughts. #hiking #solohiker #femalesolo #mentalhealth #anxiety #Warsaw What to do in Warsaw | National Parks in Poland | Hiking in Poland | awomanafoot.com

I really love fall. The changing colors, crispy cold mornings, the earthy smell of moist soil and mushrooms. But in the battle between nice views and anxiety, the last one usually wins. You see, I hate leaving my apartment. I know, I’m a travel blogger, you would think I can’t wait to just run out […]

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona: Walk through History and Beauty

The one unique thing that links all humans throughout the ages is the need to surround ourselves with beauty. We might perceive it differently, use different materials and colors… but the drive to see the beauty and to create it, seems to be integrated with our humanity. That’s the reason why I love to go […]

Hiking Solo Le Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix in Quebec, Canada

A fabulous trail for women hiking solo: Le Sentier des Caps in Quebec, Canada. Beautiful forests, challenging paths, and stunning views to St.Lawrence River! #hiking | #camping | #solo | #Quebec | #Canada | #trekking | #backpacking | #femalehikers | awomanafoot.com

When I knew I would be meeting with my friends in Quebec, Canada, I started to look right away for some hiking options. Quite quickly I’ve realized that I couldn’t just google “hiking trails in Quebec” because the size of this land was just beyond understanding for someone from Europe. What looked doable on a […]

Awesome Beyond Words: Female Solo Hiking Laugavegur Trail in Iceland

Although I dreamed about visiting Iceland for years, I had no idea I would be able to actually visit. Last year, when looking for a place to spend my summer, I researched briefly visiting Iceland but resign based on the costs. This year I had planned my ten-year reunion with beloved friends in Canada. Lo […]

Sagrada Familia: No, It’s NOT Overrated & Yes, You MUST See It!

Sagrada Familia: see the gallery of the most unique and stunning church in Europe! Barcelona, Spain | Gaudi | what to see in Barcelona | Best in Barcelona | Is it worth to see Sagrada Familia? | Awomanafoot.com

There is a very strong trend to go and visit places off the beaten path. Discover the unknown, find the hidden gems and tourists-free spots. Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia definitely ain’t it. It’s crowded, very popular and famous. But you know what? Most of the times there is a reason why such a place is that […]

How to Hike the Fimmvörðuháls Trail in Iceland for a Truly Unforgettable Experience!

I wasn’t supposed to go to Iceland. It was a lucky coincidence. It’s not that I didn’t want to – quite the opposite! I hoped and dreamed of seeing the Land of Fire and Ice but didn’t even think it would be possible. Iceland is famous for being expensive and when I was looking for […]

Best Day Hikes in the Silesian Beskids: From Wisła Głębce through Stożek Wielki to Wisła Dziechcinka

Check out one of the best day hikes Silesian Beskids have to offer - great views, challenging trails and cheap accommodation - don't miss it! Day Hike #3: Wisła Głębce - Stożek Wielki - Wisła Dziechcinka. Awomanafoot.com | women hikers | Beskid | Poland | hiking trails | Wisła | Carpathians | Hiking in Poland | solo | awomanafoot.com

Recently, over a long weekend break (May the 1st), I went to Wisła for a short hiking trip. This is the heart of the Silesian Beskids Mountains and a great place to make your base for a number of day hikes. My third day of hiking in the Silesian Beskid Mountains proved the most beautiful and […]

Best Day Hikes in the Silesian Beskids: From Ustroń through Czantoria and Soszów to Wisła

Check out one of the best day hikes Silesian Beskids have to offer - great views, challenging trails and cheap accommodation - don't miss it! Hiking in Poland | Carpathians | Eastern Europe Travel | Hiking Trails in Europe

For my second day hike from Wisła (pronounce: viswa) in the Silesian Beskids Mountains, I decided to start in Ustroń and walk back toward my hotel. It’s a nice linear trail with a pleasant mixture of challenging ascents and steep downhill treks with lovely and easy walking. There is a lot of forest hiking with enough clearings and meadows […]

Oh, Scotland, My Love! A Love Letter to the Scottish Highlands, Mostly in Photos

Oh, Scotland, My Love! A love letter to the Highlands, mostly in photos.

I can’t remember when exactly I fell in love with Scotland. I know that for about two decades it’s been always somewhere on my mind. I’ve read books by Stevenson and got interested in Scottish history. Nothing too deep, just a bit here, a bit there. Scotland seemed a somewhat magical place that I didn’t even […]