Gothic Quarter in Barcelona: Walk through History and Beauty

The one unique thing that links all humans throughout the ages is the need to surround ourselves with beauty. We might perceive it differently, use different materials and colors… but the drive to see the beauty and to create it, seems to be integrated with our humanity. That’s the reason why I love to go […]

Sagrada Familia: No, It’s NOT Overrated & Yes, You MUST See It!

Sagrada Familia: see the gallery of the most unique and stunning church in Europe! Barcelona, Spain | Gaudi | what to see in Barcelona | Best in Barcelona | Is it worth to see Sagrada Familia? |

There is a very strong trend to go and visit places off the beaten path. Discover the unknown, find the hidden gems and tourists-free spots. Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia definitely ain’t it. It’s crowded, very popular and famous. But you know what? Most of the times there is a reason why such a place is that […]

Why you should put Málaga on your Spanish itinerary

Málaga: find out why this city of ancient history, beautiful gardens and charming winding streets is a must on your Spanish itinerary!

   Málaga is one of those Spanish cities that rarely hit number one on anyone’s bucket list. It’s nice, many people visit it, but there are other cities that get much better press. And I admit – before I went there I didn’t know much about this town and if I was to make the […]

Hiking Solo in the Beautiful Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac in Catalonia, Spain.

A wonderful destination for solo hikers and nature lovers in Catalonia, Spain: Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac.

      The decision to go hiking in Catalonia was one of the best ideas I’ve had. This varied land surprises you with each step you take. Getting to know it by foot is by far the best way. Take it slowly and enjoy breath-taking views.   Hiking the GR-5 trail in Catalonia   […]

The Magnificent Mura: Wandering Through Medieval Charmer.

Hiking through the stunning Parc Sant Llorenc and visiting the magnificent medieval town of Mura - the perfect getaway from Barcelona!

Hiking in the stunningly beautiful Catalonia During my hiking adventure in Catalonia, I kept to the GR 5 trail. It’s a wonderful 200+ km path circling the Barcelona in a wide arch. The trail sometimes crosses with others and at times it runs hand-in-hand with another. For quite a while the GR5 trail is joined […]

Between Goat Eyes and Fresh Strawberries: Why Visiting La Boqueria Market in Barcelona is a MUST!

Fruits, and clams and hams, oh my! Why Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria must be on your Barcelona trip itinerary!

La Boqueria… what? The moment you begin your visit in Barcelona, you start planning your next visit. Barcelona has so much to offer! There is no way even a whole week of site seeing could cover all the interesting spots. So what could be done when you have only a day or two? How can you […]

Hiking Solo in Park Montseny and Falling in Love with Catalonia, Spain

Just outside Barcelona you will find Park Montseny, a true natural gem! Hike this stunning nature reserve and fall in love with Catalonia!

Just 50 km from Barcelona you will find natural reserve that will take your breath away. Park Montseny provides magnificent scenery and natural beauty beyond imagination. Think I’m exaggerating? Just look at this photo above. And read on. Park Montseny: a true natural gem The Montseny Natural Park was designated in 1977 by UNESCO as a protected […]

Wandering in Gràcia: Discover Barcelona Beyond the Gothic Quarter and Sagrada Familia.


Gràcia: the hidden gem of Barcelona When we prepare for a visit to Barcelona, we are mostly advised to go and see the Gothic Quarter, church of the Sagrada Familia, and the many other creations of the genius mind of Gaudi. We might want to walk the famous La Rambla Street and buy fruits at […]

Finding the Perfect Trail for Hiking near Barcelona

Hiking near Barcelona: mesmerizing views and rich cultural heritage.

Being Smart and Sensible I’ve already written it: the most important thing when hiking solo is to be smart and flexible. Going stubbornly into something we suspect is risky or straight out dangerous is not being brave, it’s being stupid. Sometimes our plans just don’t work out. For whatever reason. It could be that we have […]

The Ultimate Packing List for Female Solo Hikers

Picking the right gear and clothing is always important. But when you have to carry everything in your backpack with no way to fix wrong choices, the choosing process is so much more serious and anxiety-causing. Packing list for hiking in Spain in February In a few weeks, I’m going for two weeks hiking in […]