Fall Hiking: How to Dress and What to Pack

Fall hiking? Check what to wear and what to pack for an awesome and safe adventure through fall foliage. #hiking #fall #hikingclothes #hikingear #trekking #autumn #fallhiking awomanafoot.com

Why fall hiking? Fall is probably the best season for hiking. Gone are the nasty hot temperatures, in are crispy cold mornings and beautiful foliage changes. The trails are emptier and accommodation gets more affordable. I encourage you to go on fall hikes – either shorter day-long ones or multiple-days treks. If you have the […]

How to Choose the Right Camping Cookware

Aluminum or Steel? Or maybe titanium? A whole set or individual pots? Learn all you need about the various camping cookware to choose what you need! awomanafoot.com camping | hiking | camp kitchen | camping dishes |

The moment you decide to take the big step into camping is the one you have to grab some camping cookware. The variety available to hikers and campers nowadays is a bit dizzying so I am here to help you navigate your way in the wild kitchen. By the way – are you thinking about […]

Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Outdoorsy Friends Happy!

Find your inspiration with this ultimate list of Christmas Gift Ideas for hikers, campers, and travelers! 150+ ideas to make your Outdoorsy types happy! | gifts for hikers | gifts for her | gifts for him | stocking stuffers | Hanukkah gelt | Awomanafoot.com

Do you smell it in the air? Christmas and Hanukkah are coming! Do you have any hikers, campers or travelers among your friends and family? Do you look for ideas that will really make them happy? You found the perfect place! I have searched the webs for Christmas gift ideas that every enthusiast of the […]

Leave No Trace. Or: How Not to Be an A-hole in Nature

Learn the ethics of hiking in the Great Outdoors. Hike safely, camp responsibly and Leave No Trace - to protect and enjoy our Nature. | hiking rules | wild camping | ecology | protecting the Nature | backpacking |

Why should we learn the Leave No Trace principles? Why should you care? We are taught contradictory messages about ourselves. On one hand, we are told we are unique, wonderful and can move mountains if we only wanted. We can reach the stars, change the course of history and achieve magnificent things. On the other […]

Hiking Benefits – Scientific Reasons to Hit the Trails Today!

Check out the awesome hiking benefits backed by science! Hit the trails today and heal your body and soul! | Hiking and Camping | Mental Health | Anxiety | Fitness | Wellness |

Hiking through beautiful landscapes is a reward in itself. But as if this was not enough there is a whole range of hiking benefits to serve our body, mind, and social relations.   No matter the length or difficulty – all hikes bring benefits to the physical and mental health. Do what works for you […]

How Trekking Poles Will Turn You Into a 4×4 Hiking Machine!

All the WHYs and HOWs of TREKKING POLES: benefits, best uses, adjustments, downsides, and tips to make you into a hiking goddess :) awomanafoot.com

I must admit that I wasn’t sure if I should buy trekking poles the first time I was creating my hiking gear set. I read a variety of articles describing the benefits of walking with poles as well as those claiming trekking poles are at best useless, and at worst dangerous. This was another piece […]

Cotton Kills! Or: Why You Should Be Wearing Merino Wool Hiking

Do you know about all the amazing qualities of merino wool clothing? Read to find out why you need to wear merino when hiking! awomanafoot.com

What’s all the fuss about merino wool? If you are somewhat interested in the outdoors adventure world you have probably heard about merino wool hiking apparel. And I’m pretty sure you wondered if you should buy some or maybe if it’s just some kind of overblown sales pitch to make you spend more. Because let’s […]

Day Hiking Essentials: What You Need to Pack & Wear

Hiking is awesome, simple as that. I encourage everyone – no matter your age or fitness level, to go out and enjoy the nature. Going for a day hike is the perfect way to begin your adventure in the great outdoors. To make sure all goes smoothly and you come back home happy (although probably […]