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A Woman Afoot solo in Portugal hiking via algarviana

You will notice that it might be a bit quiet around here now. It’s because I’m hiking solo somewhere in Portugal! I have about a month and I hope to hike across the country - from East to West on the Via Algarviana trail. I am not sure how long it takes me, so there is always the path up north along the Western shore (The Fisherman’s Trail) if I’m left with some more time on my hands. I also hope to wander through Lisbon and Faro.

If you don’t want to wait for official trail reporting and want to see how I am doing - check my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I am sure I will be able to update once in a while to show where I’ll be at!

And make sure to come back later on to see the in-depth reports from that lovely country!

Oh, and just because I’m off afoot-ing somewhere there, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dive into the blog’s archives! There is plenty to read :)



Did you know you can now see the best of my photos in an online Gallery and buy any you love?

I love taking photos and can’t image to travel without the possibility of capturing the surrounding me reality. Taking pictures is one of the ways I react with Nature, and I always have my camera ready when I hike.

Recently, I’ve created a Gallery and online Store where you can see many of my best photos and even buy them as prints, canvas or… your soon-to-be favorite tote.

Take a minute to jump over to my Gallery and who knows? Maybe you will find a photo to adore your naked walls :)



Hello, Friend!

I’m Ioanna aka, A Woman Afoot: a 40+ woman, an educator passionate about hiking and camping alone.

I want to encourage more women - of every shape, color, age or sexual/gender identity - to hit the trails. Hiking is not just an adventure for straight white guys - it’s for all of us.

Thank you for your interest in my website. I do my best to provide high-quality content that could be helpful for any hikers - beginners or experts. I share with you reports from my hiking and camping trips, some advice and tips on backpacking, as well as a fair amount of musings on mental health, body-acceptance, feminism, women’s rights, and similar subjects dear to my heart.

I hope my articles will give you strength and tools to find your own way into the Great Outdoors. Click below to find out why hiking and hiking solo is so important to me:

Woman Afoot solo female hiking camping

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We are surrounded by the “you are not enough” message since very early on and we internalize too much of it. We are never enough.

Good, healthy encouragement is wonderful but if it causes you to feel inadequate, worse, a failure, not enough – it’s harmful.

I am striving to be body positive. In all that it encompasses. To love our bodies – the way they are, to give them what they need in terms of nourishment.

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