A Woman Afoot... in Canada and Iceland


The School Year Is Over! Time for Well-Deserved Vacations!

It will be a bit quiet around here for a while. Starting tomorrow (the 24th of June) I am off to my month+ summer adventure.

I plan on visiting Quebec, CA to spend some quality time with friends (some of whom I haven't seen for almost ten years!) and to see a little bit of this lovely state. I hope to have some two weeks for hiking solo in one of the Natural Parks in Quebec.

On my way back I stop in Iceland for a week of hiking. This opportunity is thanks to WOW Air - the cheapest flights from Europe to Canada at the moment are from Reykjavik. If I was to stop in Reykjavik anyway, I could as well take a week-long stop there, right? 

I won't have much chance to write here - I go without my laptop and focus on hiking and relaxing. But expect tons of photos and stories in the fall! :)

In the meantime - please, take a look around my blog. You will find trail descriptions of my hiking adventures in Poland, Spain, and Scotland. There are tons of tips and advice as well as gear guides and reviews and a healthy dose of inspiration.

I hope you also have a chance to spend some quality time in Nature.

What are your plans? Let me know below! 

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A Woman Afoot - to Inspire & to Empower.

A Woman Afoot - to Inspire & to Empower.

See you in fall! :)

A Woman Afoot