Awesome Gift Ideas for Adventure Lovers!

Do you smell it in the air? Christmas and Hanukkah are coming!

Do you have any hikers, campers or travelers among your friends and family? Do you look for ideas that will really make them happy?

You found the perfect place!

I have searched the webs for Christmas gift ideas that every enthusiast of the Great Outdoors will appreciate!

I am sure you can find something here that fits your budget and your needs. Get inspired! Most of the items below are practical - because that's what we love!

Not another dust-collector on a shelf but really useful gadget or piece of hiking & camping equipment. 

Btw - are you searching for more budget-friendly items? I am here to serve! Click to find wonderful gift ideas for hikers and campers - all under $30!

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Hiking and Traveling Apparel

Hikers love their high-tech and merino clothes!

But they tend to get a bit expensive... no surprise then that we all would love to get some as a gift! If you know your recipient's size - go ahead and buy one of the hiking apparel below. 


Let's begin with the classic, shall we? SOCKS.

But those are not your old sad and boring socks!

Those are beloved by all hikers lifesavers (well, foot savers to be precise!) - they provide the appropriate environment for the skin to make sure your hiker returns home blister-free and happy. 

First of all - base layer.

Yes, there are layers in wearing socks :)

The first layer is the very thin liner which job is to make the feet dry. The second layer is a thicker mix of wools, often with merino wool as the main fiber. 

I've been wearing those liners for all my hiking and I very rarely have any blisters - even after two weeks of daily trekking with a heavy backpack!

Now we can get to the many wonderful options for woolen socks.

Depends on the typical activity of your loved one, you can choose lighter or thicker, with more or less amortization, etc. I picked for you the ones I use the most - and love them!

I can guarantee - whichever you choose, you will make someone happy :)

Click on the images on the left or the links below to get them:

Now that we have the basics behind us, we can look at some great, warm base layer.

Especially during winter, you can make sure your loved ones don't freeze while hiking in the Great Outdoors!

This made-for-Outdoors apparel is not only warm but also breathable. Perfect for snowshoeing, hiking or lounging in front of the fire place! 



Merino base layer is always a good idea! You might want to get one for yourself, too!

And let’s not forget the lower body parts - they need to stay warm, too!

Those warm tights are perfect to be worn under hiking pants when hiking in cold weather or to serve as sleeping and lounging clothes for camp.  You can find synthetic and merino tights - both are great ideas. 

Get one by clicking the images above (Amazon) or the links below:

Let's get onto something a bit warmer!

The second layer is extremely important.

It should be comfortable, breathable and serve both as a jacket in warmer temperatures as well as mid-layer for colder.

There are so many options here!

Fleece jackets, down sweaters, insulated light jackets... Whatever you pick, it will find its use and make its new owner happy, you can trust me!

Click on the photo above (Amazon) or below (can’t see any images? try refreshing the page):


Christmas Gift Ideas: Hiking and Traveling Gear

Now that our loved one is not going to freeze out there, we need to take care of the gear. All hikers and campers are on a constant quest to upgrade their gear.

We all look for lighter or sturdier or more comfortable pieces.

Our gear gets some serious beating and needs to be replaced once in a while - so even if you get your friend something they already have, no worries. It will be used anyway, eventually!


I will not offer big hiking backpacks here, as that is quite an individual thing.


Unless you know exactly what they want, better leave the decision to the hiker/traveler. It’s better to buy a big backpack after proper fitting and trying it on at the store.

But smaller, day-hike backpacks are much safer gift ideas - surf through the options below to find the one you like:



Tech Gear

Do you like staying in touch with your beloved hikers when they are out and about?

What about watching the photos they take? Then make sure they don't run out of power! Check out this awesome solar charging banks to help your travelers keep their electronic devices charged - just click on the image to the left.

If you know they hike in cloudy, cold, and gloomy areas, then a traditional power bank might be of more use.

I use thisAnker PowerCore 20100mAh Power Bank and can recommend it for long backpacking trips!

I am pretty sure you also don't want your hiking friends to get lost... a good GPS device can make any hike safer (and more fun). 

You might get one of those awesome handheld GPS units here, personal location beacon or satellite communicator (so they will always have a chance to get in touch).

And as we are in the realm of electronic gadgets and tools - let's see some awesome hiking watches, shall we?

Most of them can be beneficial for all fitness activities, with GPS and variety of useful tools in them. Some of them monitor heart rate, count steps and provide important info while on a trail.

They have features useful for outdoors aficionados, like altimeters, barometers or digital compass.

Take a look below for some fantastic examples of high-tech hiking gear:


When we are around electronics, let's not forget cameras!

I can't even imagine hiking without a way to take photos. If you are looking for a camera suitable for a backpacker, you need a high-quality compact or mirrorless (hybrid) camera. DSLRs are a bit too heavy to grab for a hike. You might also inquire about particular needs, like an extra zoom lenses or accessories.

I have two cameras I use when I hike: either my old Sony rx100 m3 (fantastic little thing) or my new Sony Alpha a6300. I can highly recommend both of them for any photography fan out there.

Take a look below for some great choices of cameras for hikers and active people:

Hydration and water filtering systems

Making sure a hiker is properly hydrated is absolutely crucial. There are many ways to find, fill, filter, and carry water across miles. Below you will find some excellent hydration reservoirs - they make it really easy to stay hydrated while on the move!

When they hike in the Wild, they often need to refill their bottles and bladders from rivers or lakes. This can be risky - no one wants some pesky parasite to enter the adventure, right?

Hikers and campers should carry water filtration systems with them. Fitting their needs (hiking solo or in a group?) and style of adventuring (backpacking or car camping?).

Surf below through many choices of water purification systems. I'm sure you will find the one you like!

Christmas Gift Ideas: Camping Gear

If you loved one (or you) enjoys camping, there are many wonderful gifts to give on your horizon!

From tents and sleeping mats, through camping lights to camping kitchen. So much fun stuff to make your hiking and camping friends happy!

Let's begin with gifts related closely to camping itself - tents and sleeping items and their accessories. 

TENTS. If you know that your friend is hoping to upgrade his or her tent to an ultra-light one, you might like these ideas: 

Are you looking for something bigger, suitable for family camping or car escapades with friends?

This could serve as a subtle hint that you want to be included in their next camping trip... Just saying :)


Click on the images below:

SLEEPING PAD. Can you stand seeing your loved ones sleeping on some thin foam pad?

Get them something ultra light, comfortable and insulating from the ground!  

There is nothing better - Therm-A-Rest is the best out there. You can choose the insulating XTherm (for cold, winter weather) or a regular one.

Click on the images on the left to see the full collection!

You might also take a look at some other high-quality sleeping pads for backpackers. CLICK!.

SLEEPING BAG. Now, that we have a shelter and a sleeping pad it's worth taking care of a light and warm sleeping bag. To get the best weight to warmth ratio, we should go with high-quality down. 

Below you will find down sleeping bags for women of different price tag - but all high quality. Find one you like best!

Good sleep provided, we can move onto the second most important thing: food.

Cooking in the wilderness is a true art and every hiker has their own hacks and ideas.

But there are some really cool camping gadgets and tools to make cooking easier, safer and/or more fun while camping.

set camping dishes.png

If you want to learn more about the huge variety of camping cookware I invite you to read this handy article. 


A cooking set is a perfect idea when you are not sure what items they need. They can choose to use the whole thing or pick and choose whatever they want on a particular hike. 

Get them here:

Another great idea is one of those stoves on steroids. They are stoves, pots, and windshield in one providing fast cooking time no matter the weather. 

If you want something smaller - you can't go wrong with the ultralight MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove.

I see you aren’t satisfied with the choices I give you… how about a few more options for backpacking stove? :)

Take your pick!


Is your loved one a coffee lover and a hiker?

Getting a good cup of java when wandering out in the Great Outdoors can be a difficult task. Here I give you a few Christmas gift ideas to melt the heart of any coffee lover!

As a coffee-lover myself, I can assure you, there is no reason to go hiking or camping without the beloved java! There are smaller and bigger gear pieces that can help us - whenever we go.


Check those amazing coffee makers here:


What would be a camping kitchen or a hiking trip without a good knife?

Personally, I am not a big fan of multi-tools. They might be useful around the house or in a car but for backpacking are too heavy and rarely used. But a sharp and light knife? That’s a must. No need for huge machetes, just a small folding knife is a perfect gift.


Bits and pieces making our life around the camp easier, safer and lighter that are perfect Christmas gift ideas:

Take a look below and surf through 20 more fantastic, practical and smile-inducing gift ideas!


Christmas Gift Ideas: General Travel Items

Things in this section will satisfy almost everyone. Some are perfect during a plane flight or a long bus ride, some during a daily commute or short day trips. 


For fast carry-on travel, everyone needs a sturdy and packable luggage. 

Check a few high-quality carry-on options:

A good commute backpack is a great Christmas gift idea, too! I believe all of us need to somehow get our stuff to work, university or errands around the town. A good backpack is sturdy, looks good, and is much better for the owner’s back than a messenger bag.

I have the Osprey Questa and I am really happy with it - perfect for the daily commute but comfortable enough for short trips out of town.


Haven't found what you were looking for? No problem, here are eight more ideas from the general travel department:


Christmas Gift Ideas: Hikers, Campers, and Travelers at Home

What do the travelers, hikers, and campers do when they are back home?

They dream, plan, and surround themselves with things that remind them of the places they'd seen (or hope to see)!

Let's get some inspiration this Holidays for future hikes and travels!


Books, guides, and manuals: All to get better at backpacking!

And for the very end - some sweet and cute travel-related ornaments, decoration or jewelry. 


Look! eight more Christmas gift ideas from travel and hiking-themed decor and jewelry:

That’s it Folks!

I hope I was able to help you find something your adventurous loved will adore!

… and if not - click below, I’m sure the pros will give you even more ideas!


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