Why Taking a Ferry Ride in Norway Is a MUST!

Visiting Norway

I think it's fair to assume that anyone who goes to Norway wants to see fjords. I was no different. 

When I visited Norway a couple years ago I first spent two days in Oslo.

Then moved on to the western side to reach my friend. I took a train ride to Bergen - about which I will make a separate post because it is the most stunning train ride possible!

From Bergen, I didn't really have much choice to get north - long and complicated connections by bus or a ferry ride.

Ferry in Norway is not a luxury vacation ride but as regular means of transportation as bus or train.

There are places you cannot reach another way than by water. It also proved to be the perfect way to see the famous Norwegian fjords!

So I got a ticket for Bergen to Rysjedalvika ride and had my camera ready.

Boarding the Ferry

I was seriously excited when I got on the ferry but really disappointed when moved below the deck with everyone else.

It was a very comfortable place, but I couldn't see all that much!

I was worried that there was no way to get on the deck - but after a while, I discovered the secret doors :) That was basically the last moment I was down below :D

I couldn't believe people could just sit and read a newspaper when there were such views everywhere around them! I guess you get used to all that beauty after taking the same route for years!

It was freaking cold up on the deck, I admit, especially at some moments with really strong winds combined with faster ferry's speed... but I was so happy with what I saw and worried at the same time that I might miss something!

I was constantly moving from one side of the ferry to the other, front to back, trying to capture the stunning landscape passing me by.

I want to live in such a beautiful place!

If you live there and see such natural beauty every day you get used to it... But for me it was the first time I'd seen fjords and my jaw was cleaning up the deck during every minute of my ride :)

You think I'm overreacting? Well, just look at some of the photos I took that day and judge for yourself :)

Let the photos of my Norwegian ferry ride speak for themselves :)

Do you want to see more of my photos?
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A big update - photos from summer 2018!

This summer I went back to Norway, mostly to hike. But I had a few times the great opportunity to go by a ferry - sometimes a very short crossing a fjord, another time to reach western-most Norwegian islands. No matter - the length of the trip, the views were always spectacular! 

Crossing Sognefjorden - from Ortnevik to Nordeide

Well, what do you think?

Worth the ticket price or no? :D

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