Awesome Gift Ideas for Women Who Hike!

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or for no reason at all - it’s always great to find an inspiration for thoughtful gifts that will truly make someone happy. I am a hiker and a camper and I know that there is nothing better than to receive a gift that says, I know you are a hiking nerd and I love you for it!

Hiking gear is not cheap. This is why people who love hikers should not feel bad for giving quite practical gifts - it might sound unsexy or silly to give someone woolen socks or a pooping trowel but believe me, your adventurous lover, sister or mother will go crazy for it!

I collected a huge variety of possible gifts - budget options and big items you can get a whole family to pitch in. Gifts for beginners and advanced adventurers. I have items that will make any hiker happy and those that require a bit of insider knowledge about the trekker’s preferences, size or what already is present in the gear closet.

Without farther ado - let’s get into adventure shopping!

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Gifts for Hiking Women: up to $10

Yes, it’s possible to find things on a serious budget. Or get a few to stuff into Christmas socking!

Gift Idea: a Water Bottle

Hydrating ain’t no joke and it’s important to have a practical bottle on the go. You have a lot of choices here - the important thing is to find light and durable bottle with easy to use mouth and collapsible if possible.

Click on the images below (Amazon) or the links to find the one you love most!

Gift Idea: Bits and Pieces For Any Hiker

Some extremely useful (or necessary!) items don’t need to be expensive. Perfect items as stocking stuffers to make sure she is protected (emergency blanket), heard (whistle) or has something to eat with!

Click on the images below to find your perfect stocking stuffers! Can’t see any images? Try refreshing the page or turning the ad blocker off.

Gift Idea: Hiking Toiletries

Help your friend feel clean and protected while camping - small packages of sunscreen, insect repellent (best are in stick or roll-on, as spray can cause leakage which damages technical fabrics), bio-degradable soap, etc. Perfect small things to fill a Christmas stocking or to give each day of Hanukkah! There are so many awesome things out there, below just a few ideas:

Gifts for Hiking Women: $11 - $30

So many awesome ideas that won’t break your bank!

Gift Idea: Neck Gaiters and Buffs

In all colors and shapes - I don’t think there is a hiker out there who does not use one (or five)! I have a few originals and two merino… and would not mind receiving a gift of another one! Versatile and extremely useful - and pretty budget-friendly - what not to like?

Gift Idea: Socks


I know, I know! But believe me - hiking socks are magic! And as they are not as cheap as regular socks, I am pretty sure every hiker appreciates a gift of another pair of awesome foot goodness! Show you care about the comfort of her hiking engine and buy a pair of wool-mix socks or liners. The examples below are failure-proof ideas:


Gift Idea: Maps and Guides

A good paper map is a must on a hike. I also love reading guides and trail reports before I hit a longer trail… Do you know what she’s dreaming of? What hikes are high on her list? Grab a map or a guide book to help and inspire her adventures!


Gift Idea: Gear For Brewing Coffee in the Wild

Is she a true coffee lover who simply must have her morning cup of java no matter the circumstances? As a coffee aficionado myself, I have a few ideas for you! There is nothing like the smell and taste of real, freshly brewed coffee on a crispy cold morning with views no fancy restaurant can ever beat.

Gift Idea: Bits and Pieces Around the Camp

Small things can bring big changes in comfort and safety around the camp. Stronger (and lighter) tent spikes, back country trowel or fast-drying towel - all will find their use around her camp!

Gift Idea: Improving Her Camping Kitchen

In this price range there is a lot of choices to make her cooking experience more enjoyable, faster or eco-friendly.

Gift Idea: an Inspiring Book

Some gifts are for the time she hikes, other - to inspire her to hike even more. In addition to very practical guides, there is a plethora of books inspiring to hit the trails. Memoirs, photography albums or literary essays - I’m sure she will love it!

Gift Idea: an inspiring Outdoors-themed tee

Most of us love to share our dedication for the Great Outdoors also when we are back home. A t-shirt with an inspiring quote or supportive message is a great idea for a gift. Check out some of the designs below. All the tees are made of organic cotton and can be shipped world-wide.


Gifts for Hiking Women: $31 - $50

We are digging a pit deeper into our pockets with those awesome hiking gear gift ideas!

Gift Idea: a Power Bank

Running out of juice is one of my nightmares during longer hikes. I want to be able to use my camera, phone (with maps!), and kindle. This is a must for beautiful photos and memories but more importantly - safety.

Gift Idea: a Headlamp

Every hiker must have a source of light with them. The most practical is a headlamp, so the hands are free to do other things. For a weight conscious hiker (and I mean the weight of the backpack, the only one worth being conscious about) there are a lot of choices out there for small, yet strong headlamps. Below a few sure choices:

Gift Idea: Water Protection of Valuables

Unless she hikes only in the desert, water protection is an important part of prepping for a hike. Getting your phone, camera or a map soaked during a sudden rain is not funny part of an adventure. Get her a specialist waterproof case to make sure her electronics or map stay dry!

Gift Idea: Titanium Updates

If she’s using aluminum or stainless steel pots, I’m sure she will appreciate a titanium update! Titanium pots are ultralight and very durable. They are also costly - that’s why they are such a great options for thoughtful loved ones!

Gift Idea: a Hydration Bladder

Make sure your favorite female hiker is well hydrated while kicking butt in the mountains! High-quality bladder provides easy to use and clean piece of gear that will serve her for a long time!

Gift Idea: Canvas print of a beautiful view

Inspire wanderlust and bring some of the natural beauty indoors with art print or canvas with a photograph taken during solo hiking trips in Europe. The photography capture the stunning vistas from Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Spain, and Portugal. Browse through the collections to find an image that captures your heart:

Gifts for Hiking Women: $51 - $100

Check out a collection of awesome ideas that your loved one will truly appreciate!

Gift Idea: External Data Storage

This might not seem as directly connected to hiking but most hikers love taking photos - and nowadays that requires quite big storage! You may want to give as a gift a subscription to cloud storage or go more traditional way and give an external drive to back-up all that fantastic photography!

Gift Idea: a Comfortable Day Pack

Every hiker needs a few backpacks for different conditions - to make sure there is enough space to pack what is needed - and nothing more. A good day pack is always great to have for a whole day adventure in the Great Outdoors!

Gift Idea: Photography Accessories

If you know she loves taking photos during her hikes (and who doesn’t?) you may help her a bit by getting one of many useful accessories: an additional memory card, extra lenses (if you know exactly the type of camera she uses), portable tripod or backpack clip to ease the way to carry her camera. As a photography lover myself, I know I would appreciate any kind of gift like that!

Gift Idea: a Fleece Jacket

The most popular mid-layer that you can wear on and off the trail. In every possible color, with a hood or not, half-zip or full-zip… there is always room to add another fleece to a hiker’s closet!

Gifts for hiking women: above $100

Big items here - perfect for a big occasion or for a few friends to get together and buy for your crazy-for-adventure woman!

Gift Idea: an Integrated Stove System

I switched to Jetboil MiniMo and love it! For hikers who appreciate no fuss cooking these are awesome pieces of gear! No need for extra pots and pans, it’s all in one to save on time and space. You can find some for under $100, too!

Gift Idea: a Camera

You do want to see her photos from all those awesome hikes, right? Hikers want cameras that are compact, as light as possible but not compromising on quality. Some use their phones only but many love to have something a bit better than that. Only the most dedicated photographers tag a full-sized dSLR camera with them up the mountains, most of us are happy with something more compact.

Gift Idea: A Warm Jacket

A warm puffy in a pack provides warmth during breaks or chilling in the camp. No matter how the weather changes - she will stay warm and comfortable. Both down and hi-tech insulation are amazing and extremely lightweight.

Gift Idea: Trekking Poles

I’m a big fan of hiking with the help of trekking poles - and I’m sure the hiker in your life will highly appreciate a pair! If you know she tries to go ultralight, you might want to get her a pair made of carbon. Below you can find ideas for high quality trekking poles:


Gift Idea: Personal Safety and Location Electronics

If you worry sick when she hikes out there with no signal - one of these tools might bring some peace of mind and serious safety. Handheld GPS tools, personal locator beacons or watches with altimeters - awesome help and life-savers in dare situation in the Wilderness.

Gift Idea: a Sleeping Bag

One of the most important things when hiking and camping is to make sure one sleeps dry and warm. A high-quality sleeping bag is a must to provide a good night sleep. Ultra-light sleeping bags are made of best down and high-tech fabrics to ensure warmth without the bulk. Get inspired by one of the choices below:

Gift Idea: a Backpacking Tent

If she loves backpacking she needs a reliable shelter: light-weight, durable and comfortable. I personally like to sleep in 2-person tent to have room for all my stuff. Some people like hammocks or tunnel-like tiny tents. You might want to inquire about her preferences as that’s a big ticket item and should fit the backpacker’s preferences. Check below for options of high-quality shelters she will love!

Gift Idea: a Backpack

A good backpack should be the perfect partner in a hiking adventure. Not only should it provide protection for all her gear but also be light-weight and comfortable. Good backpacks can carry loads with perfect balance and no strain on the carrier’s back. If you know she loves hiking for more than 3-4 days, a bigger backpack can be a fantastic gift!

Gifts for Hiking Women: Inspiration and Home Decor


At the end I also suggest a bit different idea: Nature photography. A beautiful image on the wall or on a tote can inspire to new adventures.

I would like to offer a visit to my own gallery at Fine Art America. I hope you can find a photograph your friend will love!

To see my macro and travel photography, click on the banner. Thank you!


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