Outdoor Blog of the Year Award Nomination - or Why I'm Bursting with Pride!

That's the kind of surprise that is more than welcome. Just a few days ago I found out that I was shortlisted by GO Outdoors for the Outdoor Blog of the Year Award.

On their website, they describe their award in the following way:


Recognising those who inspire others

Each year we like to recognise some great outdoor bloggers that take their own time to encourage and inspire others to head outdoors through tips, routes, kit lists and more.


The nomination is really touching to me as that's exactly what I try to do. I sincerely hope that my trail descriptions, gear reviews or hiking skill articles encourage folks to hit the trail. I focus mostly on women who might think they don't belong in the Outdoors: the older, fatter, slower, queerer, more unfit sisters. I truly believe that we all belong in Nature, we all benefit from contact with the Great Outdoors and we all can learn to be safe while there.

I hike solo because that's what works best for me - it brings me joy, it boosts my self-confidence and brings the sanity-saving relief to my anxiety. I think we all benefit from some me-time, and hiking solo is the best way to be alone with one's thoughts and body for a longer time.

I found that hiking and camping (solo or not) brings a lot of appreciation for the body we have. We can focus on its achievements, strengths, and learn to accept the weaknesses.

Hiking is a journey of personal discovery and it may surprise us how great we are in stressful situations, learning new skills or dealing with problems.

This blog provides a platform to share my treks - I try to write honestly and with no white-washing or falsely boosted achievements. I am a pretty average woman - in my size, accomplishments, fitness levels or mileage hiked. And that's perfectly OK. I know what I do is enough and I hope to pass this attitude to others: of acceptance, self-love, body positivity, and healthy encouragement.

I'm truly happy you joined me on this trek - and if you are so inclined, you may want to vote for my nomination by clicking the image below. Thank you!


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