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When you are just starting your Outdoors escapades, the process of outfitting your trips can be confusing and time-consuming. The choices of gear and active attire are overwhelming. What to choose? What is right and what will prove to be a total waste of money?

I remember when I just started and needed to collect the bare minimum for my long-distance hiking trip in Scotland. I spent months reading reviews, articles about technical fibers, comparing trousers, shirts, jackets, and boots from different merchants, while nervously checking my bank account.

Outdoor gear - especially the high-quality kind - can be soul-crushing expensive. You don't want to make mistakes when you get them - although some you can return, it's hard to do it once you are mid-trip.

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I've decided to help you a bit.

Based on my own experience and knowledge collected over the years, as well as reviews from experts in the field, I've created a grouping of all the hiking and camping gear and clothing you need to be safe and comfortable in the wild.

No headache from an overwhelming number of choices

I picked just a few pieces from each type to give you some options but limited not to be overwhelming. You can safely purchase them: although we all differ, and there might be some personal preferences (hence a few more choices in boots and shoes, for example) - but be assured, there are no duds on the list.

I believe it's better to have fewer pieces of gear and clothing but have them in the best quality I can afford - this way they can last longer and become cheaper in the long run, than the low-quality but less expensive stuff you have to replace every season.

I have a pile of stuff I don't use because they were total mistakes and I wish I didn't buy them. I hope I can help you avoid such errors.

Reviews and comments

You will notice that some products have comments attached to them. Whenever I could, I added my own comments or links to reviews so you can learn more about it and see why I recommend it. Please, feel free to spend some time reading them if you are like me and like to know all the crazy details on weight, fabrics, composition, rain proofing, etc. If you would like to read my gear reviews, just click on this link.


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Without farther ado, I present to you -

A Woman Afoot Recommends!

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