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The Top 10 Articles You Loved Most on A Woman Afoot in 2018

When I looked at this year's statistics, I must admit that I was taken aback by some data. It's quite evident from the list that you like reading advice and gear tips. Only one destination-related article made it to the Top 10: the West Highland Way hiking guide. It also seemed that my readers searched for information on Scotland a lot - I am not surprised here, who doesn't love Scotland?

I think my biggest surprise was the high position of the review of the Vango Blade 200. Thank you, my British readers! Vango is not well-known outside of Europe, so I never thought that article would get so popular. I always read gear reviews before I buy anything (thank you, buying anxiety), so I understand why that kind of posts are searched for. Over the past two years, I’ve written multiple gear reviews, for boots, rain jacket, two backpacks, a gas stove, a camera, two tents, a pillow, sleeping mattress… The Vango review is one of the earliest ones, so it had enough time to build its popularity.

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Oh, Scotland, My Love! A Love Letter to the Scottish Highlands, Mostly in Photos

I can't remember when exactly I fell in love with Scotland. I know that for about two decades it's been always somewhere on my mind.

I've read books by Stevenson and got interested in Scottish history. Nothing too deep, just a bit here, a bit there. Scotland seemed a somewhat magical place that I didn't even think about visiting. As if this place wasn't real.

It was only a year ago when I convinced myself that I deserved a real vacation and was looking for a destination (Greece? Spain? Iceland?), that this question first popped up: Why not Scotland?

It's a strange thing but Scotland was not on the top of the list. Even though it was in my thoughts for such a long time.

When watching amazing documentaries about Scottish history (thank you, Neil Oliver!) or my beloved British tv series Escape to the Country, I didn't think I would actually see this place. For real. Weird, huh?

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The Complete Packing List for Women Hiking & Camping Solo in Scotland

So you think about hiking in Scotland? Awesome!

I absolutely loved my month of trekking through the West Highland Way, parts of the Great Glen Way and on the Isle of Skye. The landscapes are captivating and pretty soon you are completely in love.

But to fully enjoy your trip to the Highlands you have to prepare. The weather can be tricky and wet. And don't let the term "summer" confuse you - you might encounter all possible seasons: from early spring's evening chills, through real summer heat to fall's cold rains and bitter winds.

No matter what the Scottish skies throw at you - be prepared with the right gear. Thank goodness this land is beautiful no matter the weather! I have prepared this complete packing list for women hiking & camping solo in Scotland to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.   

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Female Solo Hiking on the West Highland Way: Inveroran to Fort William

Part 3: Inveroran to Fort William

3 days,  52 km

You might want to read my introduction to hiking solo the West Highland Way, the description of the West Highland Way trail’s first stage from Drymen to Inverarnan, and second stage to Inveroran .

West Highland Way: The Best Of!

At this point started my favorite part of this trail.

After the initial soreness, my body slowly was getting tougher and used to the life afoot. I also learned how to better pack my backpack and properly adjust it, so it was much less of a burden.

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Female Solo Hiking on the West Highland Way: Beinglass to Inveroran

Part II: Beinglas Farm to Inveroran

2 days, 34 km

You might want to read my introduction to the West Highland Way and the description of the West Highland Way trail's first stage from Drymen to Inverarnan (Beinglas).

Over the next two days of my female solo hike along the West Highland Way, the trail took me beyond Loch Lomond and into rougher and tougher areas.

I discovered the mighty midges and battled the famous Scottish weather.

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Female Solo Hiking on the West Highland Way in Scotland: Drymen to Inverarnan

Part I: From Drymen to Inverarnan

3 days + 1 day of rest, 50km

You might want to read my introduction to hiking solo the West Highland Way.

Beginnings are never easy

I kicked off my West Highland Way adventure by taking a bus from Glasgow to Drymen with a wonderful, chatty driver, who even stopped on his way to show me the Queen View.

Left in the middle of the little town (village?) I wasn’t even sure where to go, but there was a number of walkers around so I simply went after them.

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West Highland Way - the Best Trail for Female Solo Hikers!

The first and most famous long-distance path in Scotland

West Highland Way is probably the most famous trail in Scotland.

It takes you from Milngavie on the outskirts of Glasgow all the way to Fort William, 154 km (or 96 miles) to the North.

It was officially opened in 1980 and became the first officially designated long distance footpath in Scotland.

Thousands of people walk the WHW each year, and for a good reason – it takes you through a wonderful variety of terrain and breath-taking views.

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