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Hiking While Celiac: Gluten-Free on the Trail

When you have celiac disease and/or have food allergies and food intolerance, you think about food a lot. If it’s such a problem during regular days, how much more when planning a trip into the Wild?

It took me a while to learn what works best for hiking and camping trips (as well as my budget). But it always requires some research ahead of time, preparing food at home and probably carrying much more than others do.

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Finding the Perfect Trail for Hiking near Barcelona

Being Smart and Sensible

I've already written it: the most important thing when hiking solo is to be smart and flexible.

Going stubbornly into something we suspect is risky or straight out dangerous is not being brave, it’s being stupid.

Sometimes our plans just don’t work out. For whatever reason. It could be that we have miscalculated something or it might be the nature playing tricks on us.

Whatever the reason – there is no shame or guilt in changing plans; it’s a sign of sensibility and maturity.

I've changed my plans more than once and it's just something you do at times.

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The Mighty Oatmeal: Breakfast of (Hiking) Champions!

We all know it: breakfast is crucial. All the more so if you plan on hiking for many hours, probably carrying some extra weight on your back.

Your body needs fuel and it can't be just any kind of fuel. You need high-quality food that provides long-lasting energy, proteins, and healthy fats.

My Spanish adventure is drawing closer - it's just two weeks! As I'm preparing now for hiking in Catalonia, and all my gear and clothes are basically ready, I'm thinking a lot about food.

I need to be well prepared, especially that as a gluten-free hiker, my options are always limited and the trail I chose leads through some remote areas with no access to stores.

All this means it's time for me to prepare my most important food staple:

The Queen of them All: Oatmeal

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Female Solo Hiking on the West Highland Way: Beinglass to Inveroran

Part II: Beinglas Farm to Inveroran

2 days, 34 km

You might want to read my introduction to the West Highland Way and the description of the West Highland Way trail's first stage from Drymen to Inverarnan (Beinglas).

Over the next two days of my female solo hike along the West Highland Way, the trail took me beyond Loch Lomond and into rougher and tougher areas.

I discovered the mighty midges and battled the famous Scottish weather.

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