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Urban Hiking in Bergen, Norway: Mt. Ulriken and Mt. Fløyen

Bergen, in addition to the historic heritage and adorable wooden houses, offers also hiking experience without leaving the town. Even the biggest Norwegian cities are very close to nature, and it often takes a long walk, a bus ride or a few stops by a train to arrive in a pure and stunning natural area.

Bergen, the second-biggest city of Norway, lies at the western coast of the country. Its houses were often built on rocks and steep slopes of the surrounding mountains. If you have a chance to fly into Bergen, you can see the jaw-dropping setting for this city, with the many mountain peaks, lakes, fjords, and islands.

As part of the Bergen experience, one must go up at least one of the famous Seven Mountains surrounding the city: Mt. Fløyen. Easily accessible by the cute Fløibanen funicular can be reached by everyone. Although it's far from very high: it's 400 m above the sea level, it provides incredible views to the whole area.

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Mont-Royal: the Green Jewel in the Heart of Montréal 

How could you visit Montréal and not visit its name sake - the Mont-Royal? :)

But there are many more reasons why it is worth your time and effort to go up the hill. Learn more about this intriguing place and reserve a few hours on your Montreal itinerary!

What is Mont Royal?

Well, obviously, it's a mountain. Or, rather, a taller hill. It is only about 200m high above the sea, but because of the striking contrast with the rest of the city, it seems much higher.

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Kampinos National Park: a Natural Treasure on the Outskirts of Warsaw

What is Kampinos?

Kampinos National Park is a stunning natural reserve on the north-western outskirts of Warsaw.

Taking public transportation you can easily and fast transport yourself from the busy and noisy (and sometimes heavily polluted) city to a gorgeous swamp and sand covered park.

Although the park was created in 1959, the idea was born much earlier on – already in the 1920s. The ancient Puszcza Kampinoska (Kampinos Forest) is on the UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves.

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The Great Solo Cape Wrath Trail Adventure That Never Happened

... but how my Harry Potter fangirling was satisfied anyway.

I prepared extensively for the Scottish trip.

I'd read tons of trail descriptions and copied multiple ones to my kindle.

I was planning on completing the West Highland Way, which I did, and then hoped to do parts of the extremely difficult Cape Wrath Trail.

The idea was to hike up from Glenfinnan to Morvich and then take a bus to Portree through Kyle of Lochalsh.

It actually wasn’t a bad plan! Watching photos from the trail was additional motivation, as the landscape was simply stunning.

But instead of the rough northern terrain, I ended up on the mild and kind of boring Great Glen Way.

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