Introverted Women of the World: Go hiking! Individually :)

Welcome to A Woman Afoot!

I’m Ioanna – a 40-year-old educator with rediscovered love and passion for wild trails.

I try to fill my life with breath-taking views, nights spent in a tent, the happy fatigue from miles afoot, photography and mindfulness.

I chronicle my journey – both in terms of trails walked, as well as knowledge and experience gained.

View from the Old Man of Storr at the Isle of Skye

By nature, I love solitude and the constant presence of crowds tires me easily. I found courage in me to take on hiking solo - although many of my friends and family members were deeply worried and skeptical about that form of travel.

I walk my own path - metaphorically and literally. Once again I found that my instincts were correct: solo hiking was what my soul needs.

I’m passionate about photography, hiking and all that’s connected with it. I also love sci-fi and fantasy books, tech gadgets and general geeky stuff.

I care deeply about issues of social justice and feminism.

I’m a woman, a teacher, a photographer, an introverted nerd and a hiker.

A quadragenarian who loves nature and finding own strength.

I'm on a quest to motivate more women, of all ages and body shapes, to find their way into the big wild outdoors. Find your own path, find your awesomeness!

Do you want to know more about why I hike solo? Read here.

Why do you hike?