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The Magnificent Mura: Wandering Through Medieval Charmer.

Hiking in the stunningly beautiful Catalonia

During my hiking adventure in Catalonia, I kept to the GR 5 trail. It's a wonderful 200+ km path circling the Barcelona in a wide arch. The trail sometimes crosses with others and at times it runs hand-in-hand with another.

For quite a while the GR5 trail is joined by the Els 3 Monts trail. At one spot I had to decide if I wanted to move on along the GR 5 or if to make a detour along the Els 3 Monts to the village of Mura.

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Between Goat Eyes and Fresh Strawberries: Why Visiting La Boqueria Market in Barcelona is a MUST!

La Boqueria... what?

The moment you begin your visit in Barcelona, you start planning your next visit. Barcelona has so much to offer!

There is no way even a whole week of site seeing could cover all the interesting spots. So what could be done when you have only a day or two? How can you choose which more-or-less famous places to visit?

There is of course the Gothic Quarter and there are Gaudi's works of architectural genius... but there are so many others.

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Wandering in Gràcia: Discover Barcelona Beyond the Gothic Quarter and Sagrada Familia.

Gràcia: the hidden gem of Barcelona

When we prepare for a visit to Barcelona, we are mostly advised to go and see the Gothic Quarter, church of the Sagrada Familia, and the many other creations of the genius mind of Gaudi.

We might want to walk the famous La Rambla Street and buy fruits at the Market of La Boqueria. Those tourists’ magnets are absolute musts to see and well worth our time – they are famous for a reason!

But I would advise you to go and see the district of Gràcia, to wander around its narrow streets and get lost among bohemian cafés and tiny shops.

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Krakow's Underground Museum: Unearthing a True Gem!

The Hidden Out of Sight (Literally!) Gem in Krakow

When people think about Krakow they might have some kind of ideas about the big ancient market place or the Mariacki Church, the Jewish quarter or the Old University – one of the oldest in Europe.

But not many people know that a true treasure awaits them… under the ground.

In 2005 archaeological works started at the Main Square. They were supposed to take about six months but were extended to five years after the scale of found materials astounded many.

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The New Jewish Cemetery in Prague: Not Just Kafka’s Grave

Beyond the Old Jewish Town

When talking about the Jewish presence in Prague and Jewish cemetery, most tour guides and websites direct you to the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Quite rightly so – it is one of the oldest surviving Jewish necropolises in the world! It was established in the 15th century and together with the AlteNeue Shul (The Old New Synagogue), they make the core of Prague Jewish Town.

It is famous for being the resting place of Rav (Rabbi) Yehudah Loew Ben Bezalel, known as the Maharal, who was a very important philosopher and a commentator.

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Bergensbanen - the Most Beautiful Train Ride in Europe

Bergensbanen - the best way to get from Oslo to Bergen

In general, we approach train rides as one of the ways to get from point A to point B, often a necessary evil we have to deal with.

But once in a while, we can have a chance to get into a ride that is a treat in itself – and not just a means of transportation we want to forget as soon as possible.

Best train ride in Europe?

According to the Smithsonian, the Bergensbanen (Bergen ride)  is one of the eight most beautiful train routes in the world!

The route leads across Hardangervidda mountain plateau, the largest protected wilderness area in Europe. Lonely Planet suggests even that it might be Europe's best train ride!

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Solo on Skye: Enjoying the Island of Skye Highland Games (even in pouring rain)!

Highland Games that I almost missed

Who would come to Scotland and miss such an opportunity as seeing Highland Games? Well, I almost did ;-)

When I went there last summer I wasn’t planning on attending one, as I simply didn’t know much about them.

I thought I would just hike the whole time. When I got there I saw leaflets advertising local Highland Games – many towns and villages organized their own throughout the summer.

Without a car and having already some plans of trails set I was worried I would miss it in the end.

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Why Taking a Ferry Ride in Norway Is a MUST!

Visiting Norway

When I visited Norway a couple years ago I first spent two days in Oslo.

Then moved on to the western side to reach my friend. I took a train ride to Bergen - about which I will make a separate post because it is the most stunning train ride possible!

From Bergen, I didn't really have much choice to get north - long and complicated connections by bus or a ferry ride.

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The Great Solo Cape Wrath Trail Adventure That Never Happened

... but how my Harry Potter fangirling was satisfied anyway.

I prepared extensively for the Scottish trip.

I'd read tons of trail descriptions and copied multiple ones to my kindle.

I was planning on completing the West Highland Way, which I did, and then hoped to do parts of the extremely difficult Cape Wrath Trail.

The idea was to hike up from Glenfinnan to Morvich and then take a bus to Portree through Kyle of Lochalsh.

It actually wasn’t a bad plan! Watching photos from the trail was additional motivation, as the landscape was simply stunning.

But instead of the rough northern terrain, I ended up on the mild and kind of boring Great Glen Way.

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