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Oh, Scotland, My Love! A Love Letter to the Scottish Highlands, Mostly in Photos

I can't remember when exactly I fell in love with Scotland. I know that for about two decades it's been always somewhere on my mind.

I've read books by Stevenson and got interested in Scottish history. Nothing too deep, just a bit here, a bit there. Scotland seemed a somewhat magical place that I didn't even think about visiting. As if this place wasn't real.

It was only a year ago when I convinced myself that I deserved a real vacation and was looking for a destination (Greece? Spain? Iceland?), that this question first popped up: Why not Scotland?

It's a strange thing but Scotland was not on the top of the list. Even though it was in my thoughts for such a long time.

When watching amazing documentaries about Scottish history (thank you, Neil Oliver!) or my beloved British tv series Escape to the Country, I didn't think I would actually see this place. For real. Weird, huh?

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Best Day Hikes in the Silesian Beskids: From Wisła Center, a Loop Through Stary Groń and Salmopol

Hiking in the Silesian Beskid is just wonderful. Go solo or grab a few friends  - you will have a great time!

You can use the day hikes I created or try to make your own combination.

The site mapa turystyczna is a really handy tool. Yes, it's in Polish, but it's really intuitive and you can quickly figure out how it works. It will show you the distances and elevation.

There are quite a few possible combinations of trails to create day hikes in the Silesian Beskids Mountains near Wisła.

A lot of it depends on where you found your hotel/room and your hiking needs and fitness levels. Hiking with just a day backpack takes a lot of weight off your shoulder and makes you walk faster and longer.

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Why Hiking near Wisła in the Silesian Beskids Should Be High On Your Bucket List!

If you love hiking and seeing new places you should consider hiking near Wisła (pronounce: viswa). This small but charming town in the Beskid Śląski Mountains is the perfect base for many day hikes in the area.

The modest yet beautiful Silesian Beskids Mountains

The Beskids are a long mountain range in the Outer Western Carpathians, comprising of a few smaller parts: Beskid Śląski, Beskid Niski and Beskid Żywiecki. Beskid Śląski (Silesian Beskids) is the most western part and the closest to my heart, as I was born just an hour drive away and used to hike around those hills all childhood.

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Hiking Solo in the Beautiful Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac in Catalonia, Spain.

The decision to go hiking in Catalonia was one of the best ideas I’ve had. This varied land surprises you with each step you take.

Getting to know it by foot is by far the best way. Take it slowly and enjoy breath-taking views.

During my two weeks long trekking, I walked along the GR-5 trail most of the time. I was blown away by the nature of Park Montseny and completely in love with Catalan landscape by the time.

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The Magnificent Mura: Wandering Through Medieval Charmer.

Hiking in the stunningly beautiful Catalonia

During my hiking adventure in Catalonia, I kept to the GR 5 trail. It's a wonderful 200+ km path circling the Barcelona in a wide arch. The trail sometimes crosses with others and at times it runs hand-in-hand with another.

For quite a while the GR5 trail is joined by the Els 3 Monts trail. At one spot I had to decide if I wanted to move on along the GR 5 or if to make a detour along the Els 3 Monts to the village of Mura.

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Hiking Solo in Park Montseny and Falling in Love with Catalonia, Spain

Just 50 km from Barcelona you will find natural reserve that will take your breath away. Park Montseny provides magnificent scenery and natural beauty beyond imagination.

Park Montseny: a true natural gem

The Montseny Natural Park was designated in 1977 by UNESCO as a protected biosphere reserve and is the only such place in Catalonia.

As of 2006, by the decision of the European Commission, it was declared a site of Community importance for the Mediterranean bio - geographical region, thus becoming part of Natura 2000.

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Solo on Skye: from Sligachan to Broadford & the End of an Epic Trip

Beyond the Trotternish Ridge

Hiking the southern part of the Skye Trail, from Sligachan to Broadford, takes you again trough magnificent landscapes of mountains, lochs, burns and moors.

My stormy and kind of scary at times solo adventure over the Trotternish Ridgedid not put me off hiking the Skye Trail.

As much as the Isle of Skye can be challenging, it is also immensely beautiful and it takes much more than a rough hike in heavy rain to scare me off ;-)

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Finding the Perfect Trail for Hiking near Barcelona

Being Smart and Sensible

I've already written it: the most important thing when hiking solo is to be smart and flexible.

Going stubbornly into something we suspect is risky or straight out dangerous is not being brave, it’s being stupid.

Sometimes our plans just don’t work out. For whatever reason. It could be that we have miscalculated something or it might be the nature playing tricks on us.

Whatever the reason – there is no shame or guilt in changing plans; it’s a sign of sensibility and maturity.

I've changed my plans more than once and it's just something you do at times.

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Kampinos National Park: a Natural Treasure on the Outskirts of Warsaw

What is Kampinos?

Kampinos National Park is a stunning natural reserve on the north-western outskirts of Warsaw.

Taking public transportation you can easily and fast transport yourself from the busy and noisy (and sometimes heavily polluted) city to a gorgeous swamp and sand covered park.

Although the park was created in 1959, the idea was born much earlier on – already in the 1920s. The ancient Puszcza Kampinoska (Kampinos Forest) is on the UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves.

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Solo on Skye: How to Hike The Old Man of Storr and Enjoy Breath-Taking Views of Skye

The Old Man of Storr is one of the most famous and iconic rock pinnacles on the Isle of Skye. It quite deserves its fame – among other rock formations around the Storr - it creates a stunning image.

When I visited the Isle of Skye, my plan was to head directly north to Rubha Hunish and do as much of the Skye Trail as possible.

But I changed my plan after finding out that there were Highland Games to take place in Portree in just two days. I had one day to fill so I decided to go and hike the famous Old Man of Storr in the morning – free of the heavy backpack which I left at the campsite.

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