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How to Choose the Right Camping Cookware

The moment you decide to take the big step into camping is the one you have to grab some camping cookware. The variety available to hikers and campers nowadays is a bit dizzying so I am here to help you navigate your way in the wild kitchen.

By the way - are you thinking about going camping but are kind of unsure about the whole thing? Let me help you! Learn a few tips and enjoy the solo camping adventures!

If the only thing that comes to your mind when you think of camping pots are the old school aluminum scouts' pots, you are about to be in for a surprise! Although you probably can still buy those, I have no idea why anyone would.

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Your Complete Summer Iceland Packing List

I am so happy you plan on visiting Iceland! This country is stunningly beautiful and I am sure you will have the time of your life! I know I had :)

I am guessing you are wondering how to pack for the hiking trip so I am here to present you with a complete summer Iceland packing list!

At the end of July, I spent a week hiking along the Fimmvörðuháls and Laugavegur trails. Six days hiking through the most mind-blowing landscapes.

I was lucky that the weather was really nice. It was raining only a bit and most of the time only during the night. Only on the last day, there were heavy rains with icy winds. But I was prepared for the worst so didn't really have any problems facing whatever the Viking land would throw at me.

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Awesome Gift Ideas for Adventure Lovers!

Do you smell it in the air? Christmas and Hanukkah are coming!

Do you have any hikers, campers or travelers among your friends and family? Do you look for ideas that will really make them happy?

You found the perfect place!

I have searched the webs for Christmas gift ideas that every enthusiast of the Great Outdoors will appreciate!

I am sure you can find something here that fits your budget and your needs. Get inspired! Most of the items below are practical - because that's what we love!

Not another dust-collector on a shelf but really useful gadget or piece of hiking & camping equipment. 

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Buying a Down Sleeping Bag? Here's All You Need to Know!

Choosing the right for you sleeping bag is a very important step in getting ready for an overnight backpacking adventure.

The variety of available choices can be quite overwhelming for a beginner. Looking at the price tags it’s pretty easy to notice quite a difference between synthetic and down bags.

Is it worth paying the high price? Read on, to find out all about the good, the bad and the ugly on down filling.

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The Complete Packing List for Women Hiking & Camping Solo in Scotland

So you think about hiking in Scotland? Awesome!

I absolutely loved my month of trekking through the West Highland Way, parts of the Great Glen Way and on the Isle of Skye. The landscapes are captivating and pretty soon you are completely in love.

But to fully enjoy your trip to the Highlands you have to prepare. The weather can be tricky and wet. And don't let the term "summer" confuse you - you might encounter all possible seasons: from early spring's evening chills, through real summer heat to fall's cold rains and bitter winds.

No matter what the Scottish skies throw at you - be prepared with the right gear. Thank goodness this land is beautiful no matter the weather! I have prepared this complete packing list for women hiking & camping solo in Scotland to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.   

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How Trekking Poles Will Turn You Into a 4x4 Hiking Machine!

I must admit that I wasn’t sure if I should buy trekking poles the first time I was creating my hiking gear set.

I read a variety of articles describing the benefits of walking with poles as well as those claiming trekking poles are at best useless, and at worst dangerous. This was another piece of gear to buy and I was considering “saving” on it.

Boy, was I glad I didn’t try to improve my budget by skimping on trekking poles!

I still consider them one of the most important purchases and pieces of gear. They shine in particular for someone like me – a hiking amateur with a heavy backpack. But I also have seen many experienced hikers singing their praises.

So, what made me into such a fan? Let's take a closer look at the many benefits of hiking with trekking poles.

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Cotton Kills! Or: Why You Should Be Wearing Merino Wool Hiking

What’s all the fuss about merino wool?

If you are somewhat interested in the outdoors adventure world you have probably heard about merino wool hiking apparel.

And I’m pretty sure you wondered if you should buy some or maybe if it’s just some kind of overblown sales pitch to make you spend more.

Because let’s be honest – high-quality merino wool clothing is not cheap. So why not stay by your good, old cotton tee?

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Going Lightweight: How To Shave Weight off Your Pack for Safer and Easier Hiking

Why would I feel the need to "go light"?

Switching to lightweight hiking is not a silly caprice or lack of ideas on how to spend the millions of $ I have hidden in my sock.

Carrying a heavy bag is not only tiring, but it can also be dangerous.

It’s hard on the joints and requires much more energy. We can't go as far or as fast as we would with a lighter pack.

We are not as nimble and can't react as fast when something happens. Crossing streams or climbing difficult rocky hills is also much more difficult with a heavy rucksack.

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Read Before You Buy: Salomon Quest 4D Female Hiking Boots Gear Review

On the Quest to find my perfect female hiking boots: Salomon Quest 4D

To find the perfect female hiking boots is not easy. And it is also not a trivial matter: finding the right hiking boots is absolutely essential to ensure the success of your hike and injury-free return home.

The perfect hiking boot will perform well on sandy roads, slippery rocks and when crossing streams. It should fit your unique anatomical needs, be stable and supportive. 

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The Ultimate Packing List for Female Solo Hikers

Picking the right gear and clothing is always important. But when you have to carry everything in your backpack with no way to fix wrong choices, the choosing process is so much more serious and anxiety-causing.

Packing list for hiking in Spain in February

In a few weeks, I’m going for two weeks hiking in Spain. I will first spend one day site seeing Barcelona and then move on to hike solo along the GR 1 trail Sendero Historico.

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