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7 Tips for Your First Solo Hike

As many of you know already, I love hiking solo.

I find it tremendously rewarding on many levels. It helps with my anxiety, brings relaxation and simple happiness. Hiking solo gives me also a great boost to my confidence and pride of own accomplishments.

A lot of people find trekking solo as equally rewarding – although it’s different for each person. But even extroverts find the experience worth the effort.

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The Quest to Lighten Up my Gear Continues!

A few months ago I wrote a guide to gradual upgrading your gear to lighten up the load. I have realized that instead of writing another “edit” in that post, I should just write a post describing where I’m at on this quest to shed weight off my back.

I needed to start with the big items – that’s where you see big differences. If I can shed 1 kg of weight with a different tent, there is really no sense obsessing over a 10g lighter spoon, right?

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All You Need to Know about Hiking the West Highland Way

Do you plan on hiking the West Highland Way? Do you wonder how to prepare for it? You are in the right place! I walked the West Highland Way trail over a year ago and it was truly life-changing. I had a lovely time but I’ve made some mistakes, too. I would love to share some ideas, tips, and advice so your time on the most popular Scottish trail is only positive.

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Fall Hiking: How to Dress and What to Pack

Why fall hiking? Fall is probably the best season for hiking. Gone are the nasty hot temperatures, in are crispy cold mornings and beautiful foliage changes. The trails are emptier and accommodation gets more affordable.

I encourage you to go on fall hikes – either shorter day-long ones or multiple-days treks. If you have the right gear you can even enjoy fall camping. I want you to have a pleasant and safe fall hiking, so let me remind you about a few important things.

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How to Pack Your Backpack for Safety, Comfort, and Efficiency

The way we pack our backpacks can make or break our trip. An improperly packed bag can seem to be heavier than in reality, might push us off balance and cause back pain or injuries.

It takes a few trials to make it right but it is well worth your time to learn smart backpack packing.  I am pretty sure it’s obvious that the way we pack our backpacks depends on their size and the kind of a hike we are preparing for.

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Awesome Gift Ideas for Adventure Lovers!

Do you smell it in the air? Christmas and Hanukkah are coming!

Do you have any hikers, campers or travelers among your friends and family? Do you look for ideas that will really make them happy?

You found the perfect place!

I have searched the webs for Christmas gift ideas that every enthusiast of the Great Outdoors will appreciate!

I am sure you can find something here that fits your budget and your needs. Get inspired! Most of the items below are practical - because that's what we love!

Not another dust-collector on a shelf but really useful gadget or piece of hiking & camping equipment. 

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Leave No Trace. Or: How Not to Be an A-hole in Nature

Why should we learn the Leave No Trace principles?

Why should you care?

We are taught contradictory messages about ourselves.

On one hand, we are told we are unique, wonderful and can move mountains if we only wanted. We can reach the stars, change the course of history and achieve magnificent things.

On the other hand, we are reminded how insignificant we are – just a tiny pebble on a gigantic beach of humankind. We are lost in the crowds, another face, and another body in the sea of people. Nothing we do truly matter on a big scale; we play in our own tiny sandboxes.

Which one is the correct view?

Well, both.

It’s a pity we often apply the wrong attitude at the wrong moments.

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Cotton Kills! Or: Why You Should Be Wearing Merino Wool Hiking

What’s all the fuss about merino wool?

If you are somewhat interested in the outdoors adventure world you have probably heard about merino wool hiking apparel.

And I’m pretty sure you wondered if you should buy some or maybe if it’s just some kind of overblown sales pitch to make you spend more.

Because let’s be honest – high-quality merino wool clothing is not cheap. So why not stay by your good, old cotton tee?

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Day Hiking Essentials: What You Need to Pack & Wear

Hiking is awesome, simple as that.

I encourage everyone – no matter your age or fitness level, to go out and enjoy the nature. Going for a day hike is the perfect way to begin your adventure in the great outdoors.

To make sure all goes smoothly and you come back home happy (although probably a bit tired), check what essential items you need to take with you.

Contrary to packing for a long multiple-nights hike, you can afford to take a few extra items “just in case” and not worry all that much about your pack’s weight.

Preparing those hiking essentials will ensure your trek is safe and pleasant.

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15 Tips for Your First SOLO Camping Trip!

Why would I want to camp alone, somewhere in the wild?

I love hiking solo and I love camping by myself. Sometimes it might seem not that much of a fun, with all this extra gear to carry or when the weather is not perfect...

But I love it.

I feel proud when my tent is up, I cherish the moments I am nestled in my sleeping bag and read by the light of my headlamp. I love the instant I open the zippers in the morning and smell the fresh dew-filled air.

Wild camping brings me a sense of accomplishment, adventure and strengthens my self-confidence.

I hope I can inspire you to make the big step in your hiking career and go camping by yourself. It would be quite understandable if you had some anxiety around the issue.

What to bring? What kind of shelter should I buy or borrow? How to make a camp? Will I die?

Don’t worry! I will try to ease the anxiety with some helpful tips.

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