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All You Need to Know about Hiking the West Highland Way

Do you plan on hiking the West Highland Way? Do you wonder how to prepare for it? You are in the right place! I walked the West Highland Way trail over a year ago and it was truly life-changing. I had a lovely time but I’ve made some mistakes, too. I would love to share some ideas, tips, and advice so your time on the most popular Scottish trail is only positive.

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El Puig de la Balma Catalonia: a Unique Rock Hotel!

Just imagine a place remembering the times of crusades built directly into a rock. When I heard about this place from a Park Ranger I had a very vague idea as what to expect. El Puig de la Balma, Catalonia, was supposed to be a set of buildings from the 12th century with additions built at various moments in medieval times, mainly in the 17th century. Some historians suggest that people started settling in this place already around the 10th c. What is fascinating, the current owners are the 26th generations of people living here!

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Hiking with Anxiety: the Kampinos National Park Edition

I really love fall. The changing colors, crispy cold mornings, the earthy smell of moist soil and mushrooms. But in the battle between nice views and anxiety, the last one usually wins.

You see, I hate leaving my apartment. I know, I’m a travel blogger, you would think I can’t wait to just run out screaming “I’m going for an adventure” in my best Bilbo voice. But I don’t. Even though I feel really good when I’m out in Nature, alone, calmer, it’s hard to go. If only I could teleport directly to the slopes of mountains or lake’s shore out in the wild…

The process of getting ready, planning and leaving my home is filled painfully with anxiety. And even when I'm finally at my destination, it never is free of it... hiking for me is always hiking with anxiety. I guess I should have made it a name for my blog. Or maybe hiking while anxious? :)

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Hiking Solo Le Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix in Quebec, Canada

When I knew I would be meeting with my friends in Quebec, Canada, I started to look right away for some hiking options. Quite quickly I've realized that I couldn't just google "hiking trails in Quebec" because the size of this land was just beyond understanding for someone from Europe.

What looked doable on a map, proved to be 15h+ train ride just to get to somewhere near the trailhead... I started to focus more on what was available close by - in the vicinity of Montreal and/or Quebec City.

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Your Complete Summer Iceland Packing List

I am so happy you plan on visiting Iceland! This country is stunningly beautiful and I am sure you will have the time of your life! I know I had :)

I am guessing you are wondering how to pack for the hiking trip so I am here to present you with a complete summer Iceland packing list!

At the end of July, I spent a week hiking along the Fimmvörðuháls and Laugavegur trails. Six days hiking through the most mind-blowing landscapes.

I was lucky that the weather was really nice. It was raining only a bit and most of the time only during the night. Only on the last day, there were heavy rains with icy winds. But I was prepared for the worst so didn't really have any problems facing whatever the Viking land would throw at me.

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Marvelous Beyond Words: Female Solo Hiking Laugavegur Trail in Iceland

Although I dreamed about visiting Iceland for years, I had no idea I would be able to actually visit. Last year, when looking for a place to spend my summer, I researched briefly visiting Iceland but resign based on the costs.

This year I had planned my ten-year reunion with beloved friends in Canada. Lo and behold! The cheapest flights to Canada were from... Reykjavik!

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How to Hike the Fimmvörðuháls Trail in Iceland for a Truly Unforgettable Experience!

I wasn’t supposed to go to Iceland. It was a lucky coincidence. It's not that I didn't want to - quite the opposite!

I hoped and dreamed of seeing the Land of Fire and Ice but didn't even think it would be possible. Iceland is famous for being expensive and when I was looking for a place to hike last summer, I gave up and went to Scotland instead (no regrets, though).

So how come I could go this year? 

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A Woman Afoot... in Canada and Iceland

The School Year Is Over! Time for Well-Deserved Vacations!

It will be a bit quiet around here for a while. Starting tomorrow (the 24th of June) I am off to my month+ summer adventure.

I plan on visiting Quebec, CA to spend some quality time with friends (some of whom I haven't seen for almost ten years!) and to see a little bit of this lovely state. I hope to have some two weeks for hiking solo in one of the Natural Parks in Quebec.

On my way back I stop in Iceland for a week of hiking. This opportunity is thanks to WOW Air - the cheapest flights from Europe to Canada at the moment are from Reykjavik. If I was to stop in Reykjavik anyway, I could as well take a week-long stop there, right? 

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Best Day Hikes in the Silesian Beskids: From Wisła Głębce through Stożek Wielki to Wisła Dziechcinka

Recently, over a long weekend break (May the 1st), I went to Wisła for a short hiking trip.

This is the heart of the Silesian Beskids Mountains and a great place to make your base for a number of day hikes.

My third day of hiking in the Silesian Beskid Mountains proved the most beautiful and the shortest. The weather was just wonderful and sunny.  This year we have been having a really long winter, with gloomy, cold days so this change was more than welcomed.

To read more on why the Silesian Beskid Mountains are a hiker's paradise, check this post. I'm sure you will agree and come hiking around Wisła!

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Best Day Hikes in the Silesian Beskids: From Ustroń through Czantoria and Soszów to Wisła

For my second day hike from Wisła (pronounce: viswa) in the Silesian Beskids Mountains, I decided to start in Ustroń and walk back toward my hotel.

It's a nice linear trail with a pleasant mixture of challenging ascents and steep downhill treks with lovely and easy walking.

There is a lot of forest hiking with enough clearings and meadows to satisfy anyone's longing for mountain views.

If you want, you can stop to eat something hot on your way as there are a few options close to Czantoria and Soszów.

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