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Before any kind of trip, there is a lot of time spent on research - on how to get there, what maps I need, where will I sleep...

It's checking for the right gear, right clothing and reading online reviews and recommendations. I would like to help a bit in the process of preparing for your next travel by gathering in one place all I've learned from my hikes and travels.

I hope it will shorten your prep time and ease some anxiety!

This is a work in progress - I will be adding more info as I learn it, growing this library of resources. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Come back soon to check what's new!

hiking camping resources tips gear


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Online Resources

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To make things easier for you, I want to share what resources I use often or where I found useful information. Why do all the googling if I already did it, right? I hope you find them useful.

Hiking trails and destinations:

Traildino - trails all over the world

Senderos de Gran Recorrido (GR) (SPAIN)

Walk Highlands (SCOTLAND)

American Trails (USA)

Finding accommodation wherever I go:


Awesome blogs by hiking people