Tips, advice, and some (I hope inspirational) musings

 I do all the mistakes so you don't have to do any! :D

With this collection of hiking & camping tips and advice, you will prepare well for your next adventure!

The best way to learn how to hike and camp is to simply do it. But it might be also a good idea to learn from others. 

No matter if you are an experienced hiker or a total newbie to the whole thing: I am sure you will find something enlightening and useful among the posts I prepared.

They are to help and to inspire, to make hiking easier and safer. Some of those tips I've learned myself the hard way, some - from others.

Hiking is for all of us

Hiking and camping are for all of us: old and young, extremely fit and those just getting up from a sofa. Get to know yourself, your limitations and your strengths. Learn a bit about the world of trekking in advance to make sure your adventures are as enjoyable and safe as possible.

This site is a work in progress: I will be adding more resources as I create them. Come back later to check for new additions!

Hit the trails, Sisters!

  • Did I convince you? Great! But you might be still full of anxiety and worries about the whole "hiking solo" thing. Don't worry - read this awesome list of 10 tips for women hiking soloand punch anxiety in its nose (as an anxiety disorder sufferer I wish it was that easy, though!)
  • So, you want to do this! So you just open your doors and go! Well, not quite. The success of a hike starts much before you hit the trails. Learn here how to prepare and plan your next hike to ensure its success.
  • The big ideas are all set. Your plans are made, budget planned and insurance bought. You have your clothes and gear... Did you forget about something? Don't worry -check this list of 35 common hiking & camping mistakes to take care of all loose ends and make sure you don't do it all wrong... :)
  • It is very hard to start hiking right away with the best ultra-light gear. But gradually we can lighten up our load to speed up our hiking. What is even more important - thanks to lighter packs our joints and muscles are under less stress. In this guide for a gradual exchange of gear to go lightweight hiking, you will find all you need to GO LIGHT!
  • When I started to complete my hiking attire and gear and I was shocked with the prices. I could understand the price tag on a backpack or a tent... but such big $$$ for a t-shirt?! Well, but it was no ordinary t-shirt... it was a merino super-performing base layer! So I started to read on the benefits of merino wool, why cotton is never a good idea, what is the difference between merino and synthetics and share with you all the essential info on why merino is the best fabric for your base layer hiking attire.
  • I hope you agree with me that it's crucial to take care of Nature. And it all starts with us - every small thing adds up! That's why it's so important to follow the Leave No Trace rules - to know how to be the good guest in the Great Outdoors. Check them out, learn and follow them, so the future generations can also enjoy our beautiful planet!


  • Are you unsure how you should behave when hiking and camping? Beyond the Leave No Trace rules, there are some important rules of the hiking and camping etiquette to ensure we all have a good time in the Great Outdoors and you never end up being "that A-hole" of someone's trip... 




Happy hiking!