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Writing this blog has been such a trip! I love sharing what I do and take a lot of encouragement from every comment I get. Whenever I read that someone found some tips useful, enjoyed reading about a trail or felt empowered to hit trails,  it blows fresh wind into my sails. But I can't deny - it takes a lot of time to do it. I try to do my side and give you the best posts I can. If you appreciate my work - how about buying me a cup of coffee?

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I feel that we need more women in the Outdoors. We get all different obstacles on our way but I believe the more time we spend in Nature the better we are as humans. We are more confident, strong, and powerful. Our mental health gets better - especially if we suffer from anxiety, depression or social phobias. 

It is well known that women tend to put others' needs ahead of their own. It's time we put our dreams and hopes high on the priority list. It's time we took care of our well-being, health and happiness.  

I've created this blog to share my own hiking passion and experiences in the wild and while traveling around. But it's most of all a tool for me to encourage and empower women to hit the trails, no matter their age, body shape, fitness levels or health issues. 

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